Lushwood Body Treatment

— Slimming (Venus legacy)

[Anti cellulite massage (30mins) + Venus Legacy (30mins)]
Our signature program: Firming massage + Venus Legacy machine combining for more firmness and relaxation. This program helps reduce cellulite with an emphasis on comfort in a luxurious spa atmosphere and natural products. Experience the combo program that harmonizes science with a unique treatment.


(SLIMMING MASSAGE นวดกระชับไขมัน + CLATUU สลายเซลล์ไขมันถาวรด้วยความเย็น)
This program combine massage and Clatuu device aiming for effective and relaxation results. The Clatuu Alpha is the device that uses cryolipolysis, commonly referred to as fat freezing. The device employs a nonsurgical fat-reduction technique that applies cold temperature to specified body parts to remove fat deposits. Localized fat deposits that don't react to diet and exercise can be reduced with this technique.

— Whitening real luxury treatment (whitening & brightening skin)

Treat your skin to turn "bright white aura" using our regimen by scrub, spraying nano ampoule, massage, milky mask, and brightening infrared sauna capsule. Feed your skin so that it is smooth, clear, and white by examining your age and state of your skin. Your skin would immediately receive nourishment, restoration and vitality after the treatment.

— Glowing real luxury treatment (glowing skin)

Our advanced ‘glowing’ body treatments are specifically designed to achieve results by fusing the most potent treatments with the greatest skincare products. Exclusive to Lushwood Clinic, the Revive and Glowing packages are tailored treatments that gently exfoliate, heal, and hydrate for overall body skin rejuvenation. These packages offer 7 services in 1 treatment.