How does the Clatuu Alpha work?


The Clatuu Alpha is the device that uses cryolipolysis, commonly referred to as fat freezing. The device employs a nonsurgical fat-reduction technique that applies cold temperature to specified body parts to remove fat deposits. Localized fat deposits that don’t react to diet and exercise can be reduced with this technique.This cutting-edge apparatus is exceptional in its industry; it employs cutting-edge technology to efficiently eliminate fat cells and produce stunning results. Due to its two treatment heads, it is also highly safe and performs its work more quickly.

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Clatuu Alpha; FDA- and CE-approved

Fat freezing treatments must be performed properly while also producing the desired effects. This is the reason we have done a ton of study to find the greatest cryolipolysis therapy device, both domestically and globally. The Clatuu Alpha ended up being the most effective gadget. The machine is safe for use in hospitals and is an approved European product (CE mark). The Clatuu is also routinely examined by a recognized organization.

How does the advanced cryolipolysis device work?

The Clatuu Alpha is unique because it uses 360° surround cooling technology. The procedure is as follows: using a protective gel pad, the user places a Clatuu Alpha treatment head on their skin. The treatment head of the machine then suctions the skin and the fat layer beneath it. This makes sure that it is simple to access all of the local fat cells. Because of the 360-degree surround cooling, each fat cell is subsequently cooled uniformly to -9°C. The cold then crystallizes these fat cells. The fat cells die following the 40-minute procedure, and the body then eliminates them naturally over the following weeks.

Benefits of the Clatuu Alpha

Benefits compared to other fat removal treatments

Of course, the Clatuu is superior to alternative therapy options in a number of other ways as well. Other fat-freezing gadgets are less efficient; you won’t start to see benefits until 12 weeks have passed. Additionally, the Clatuu Alpha’s cryolipolysis technology has several advantages over liposuction or injections because it does not require either of these procedures! As a result, there is no downtime following a cryolipolysis procedure with us; you may immediately resume your normal activities.









Lower costs, quicker results

Despite the Clatuu Alpha’s high level of quality, fat freezing with us is less expensive than at clinics using alternative technology. Utilizing two treatment heads in a single treatment makes a difference. For instance, four areas need to be treated in order to freeze stomach fat. This entails four treatments per consultation using a standard cryolipolysis unit. We can simultaneously treat two locations using the Clatuu Alpha. This indicates that each time, only two treatments are needed! Therefore, using the Clatuu Alpha to freeze fat yields in lesser prices and quicker permanent outcomes.

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