IV Drip

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Everyday recovery

Formulated to restore health and refresh the body, strengthening immunity from asthma Migraine, fatigue, muscle pain and chronic muscle inflammation. It helps to rejuvenate sun-damaged skin and protect against allergies and cold. Also it helps to refresh from a hangover from alcohol. This vitamin formula is suitable for stress working hard lifestyle, less rest, and stimulates energy metabolism and improves fitness performance.

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Celebrity bright

With a supercharged dosage of Vitamin C, zinc, and glutathione, a trio of potent antioxidants that function from the inside, you may improve the strength, health, and look of your hair, skin, and nails.
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Slim booster

A special weight-loss formula that supports the health of your muscles while helping you lose stubborn body fat and lower cholesterol. These vitamins and minerals work in harmony with your body’s chemistry to maintain balance in your routine and provide you an energy and vitality boost that will help you reach your fitness goals faster than ever.
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“Chelation iv drip is a procedure used to treat heavy metal poisoning from mercury, lead, and other substances. This is accomplished by giving a chelating agent, which binds to metals, renders them inactive, and then releases them through urination. Inflammation are brought on by heavy metals. Damage to blood vessels and cell tissues will result from this inflammation. The removal of these dangerous heavy metals from the body can hasten heart and blood vessel healing, enhance liver and kidney function, boost blood flow to the brain, and do many other things.”
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Vitamin C

Vitamin c aids in strengthening the immune system. The body employs the antioxidant vitamin C to protect blood vessels, bones, muscles, and T-lymphocyte function. It also helps to synthesize of collagen and the assimilation of iron.
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Immune Support

“Immune support is the vitamin drip that boosts your body to be more resistant to viral diseases and colds. It is a vitamin of the highest caliber, aiding in the quicker recovery of cold sufferers. It also has an impact on how well-nourished and radiant the skin becomes. ”
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Signature treatment

Signature treatment has doubled the amount of vitamins concentrated than the original formula, and contains vitamins in the rehabilitation group to strengthen the immune system, along with a supplement that enhances the effectiveness of injections and improves sleep and sleep. Wake up refreshed, not tired, bright face, can inject patients during recovery period. Vitamin injections and supplements are not medicinal and are not skin-changing injections. All our vitamins are cooked fresh before injection.
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NAD+ Anti aging

The oxidizing agent nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD+, has been hailed as the “Fountain of Youth” since it has been demonstrated to mute genes that hasten aging. It is a stress-relieving treatment that strengthens cells’ resistance to stress, fixes DNA damage, and lowers inflammation. It also improves mood, vitality, and cognitive function.
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